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Galadarling……. (holy crapola!)

April 15th, 2010


Ok… I’m not writing anything poetic today, because right now I’m sitting on the floor of my bedroom, and have just got home from work exhausted. Whilst I was on the train I got a message from the lovely Kat Williams who writes the wonderful Rock and Roll Bride blog saying the Fairycake godmother picture is on the ‘Galadarling’ blog, and that ‘this is massive’. I’m afraid to say I must be really sad, and not very ‘down with the kids’ but I had absolutely no idea who, or what this was. However after getting home, I found out that this blog has 35,000 readers + A DAY !!!!! She is an ‘it’ girl with a massive worldwide following, and the cake picture was slapped on todays front page!
So there you go, after a few days of feeling really lousy and tired, and constantly moaning to everyone about living this double life of mine…. this happens.
I’m thrilled …. just wish my website had been up and running for this, but never mind !! what a scoop ! :)

So heres the link to see it for real – Galadarling pic

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6 Responses to “ Galadarling……. (holy crapola!) ”

Crush April 15th, 2010

I'm betting you forget all about your little Vox 'hood when you hit the big time! :(
Can't you just feel your own momentum building? The franchise that is Kirsty Mitchell…. It gets bigger and better with every new project you undertake. I don't know how this isn't obvious to you, cuz it sure is to me. Anyway, congrats again! I'm really happy to see the accolades and recognition pouring in.
It only gets bigger and better from here. I hope you're ready for all the success that is coming your way…

Fractured Thoughts April 16th, 2010

Ivysgrandkid – cheers :) Had you heard of her before? I’m so uncool ahaha
Crush – awh :) thank you. I’m afraid, nope, I can’t see beyond the chaos that is me making all this stuff in my back garden and kitchen. I love the final images and I’m so proud of them, and the wonderful people that have helped me. They mean so much, and I have so many memories attached to them – its always 80% creating the picture and 20% of seeing it finished, if that makes sense. Seeing them appear properly in blogs all over the world is still really bizarre to me, and I almost feel a bit disconnected – like they aren’t my pictures. Wonderland has now been blogged in some many countries I can’t keep up – we seem to be rather big in Russia of all places! So no… trust me, I have absolutely no illusions of grandeur right now… I’m just worried about how the hell I’m going to edit the other shoots I’ve finished, and make all the new stuff for the next one (9th of May). The next shoot will be coming soon …. its as big as this one, and was such a huge amount of work, but really good fun. Thanks for all the lovely words; I really appreciate yours and everyones support with all of this :) x

Fractured Thoughts April 21st, 2010

Luis…. you just made my day :) Thank you so much for such a really kind, sweet message. Im very touched, genuinely. My website will be ready in a few weeks, and then i will move my blog from VOX over to it, so anyone can comment easily. I know a lot of people are frustrated with the vox system, its very silly!But anyway …. I am so happy you enjoy my work so much, its messages like yours that keep me going, when I am tired or feeling down. Oh and I just found your account on flickr and added you :)) ! Looking forward to knowing you and your pictures more. lovely to hear from you, kirsty x