Our first proper Wonderland feature !

‘Wonderland’ full editorial in LA magazine ‘Cliche’ !!

I’m exhausted… I literally stepped off the plane from China at 5am this morning and have been dragging myself around in my pyjamas all day. I’d switched my phone to silent so I could sleep, and forgot about it …… until late this afternoon, when I saw 15 missed calls from Elbie.

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More Crystal Fighters press !!

NME magazine

I’m still working on the final shot, but another picture has come out, so I had to post it !!! I just bought 2 copies of the NME like a silly kid !!! YAY !!! Oh and its also being used in The Guardian newspaper online !!!

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Ok ….. I admit my blog has been pretty rubbish recently. I have had so many things going on I feel like I haven’t stopped to breathe for weeks and weeks. I have been limply promising to upload the Crystal Fighters band shoot since May, along with the behind the scenes photos, and endless other things have happened too

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