He was drunk, so was I………..

he was drunk, so was I........

Sometimes I take pictures and never really appreciate what I saw until I look back at them the next day. I’ve taken a few that have made me think about this recently, which have left me all the more grateful for having found this new passion in my life. We spend our days constantly surrounded by the most private yet public moments, forced into the personal spaces of strangers…. crammed against each other in train carriages and on bus seats – breathing the faint traces of last nights alcohol or morning smoke from other peoples clothes. Our privacy is laid bare for the rest to observe… where moments of solitude, or weakness are almost impossible to hide – often only amplified by the irony of being surrounded by so many others. I suppose I never used to realise any of this….. I would travel to work looking at the floor of the train, starring at nothing, often squashed between overweight business men, praying the next stop was mine.

Now things are different, photography has changed how I see my day to day life. I use two cameras, have two lenses….. and make no pretences about being very technical with either. One is an SLR, the other a little compact I was given as a birthday present 2 years ago. I keep the compact in my bag and travel with it everyday, and it has probably helped me capture some of the best, and most unexpected moments in the blur of my daily commute – all the pictures in this entry were taken with it.

Today I watch people’s faces….. I love to study the creases in their skin while they sleep. I’m fascinated how the light though the windows constantly changes the colour of their hair…..whilst the shadows of the outside world throw pattens of trees and roof tops across their clothes. I photograph people because its these details that have made me fall in love with the human form in all its guises. Its the imperfections I find the most precious, uncombed hair, a badly buttoned cardigan…. these things make us fragile, they are the details a lover would gently correct. I see my journey as a chance to study us, as an opportunity to sit in the company of strangers and understand them a little more. That’s why I take these pictures.. I’ll never know who they are, but something about them made me stop… I saw something vulnerable and beautiful in them… something they will probably never see in themselves……………..

banking district...late for work.....

Cold rainy morning