A specially created limited edition of 500 artworks, signed and numbered by the artist, printed on museum archival paper by our Hahnemühle certified fine art studio in the UK.




A unique, one-off opportunity to own a large signed print by Kirsty Mitchell, at a fraction of the price of her usual gallery editions. This piece has never been made public before and will never be available for sale again once the edition has sold. Shot in the summer of 2014, shortly after the completion of the Wonderland series, Kirsty privately photographed the stylist Minna Attala in the half light of a French Chateau bedroom as a personal piece, never intended for release. Despite not belonging to a series, this impromptu image still encapsulates the recognisable traits of Kirsty’s work, blending the subject with her signature elegant flora and vivid greenery.


Print dimensions – 100cm x 69cm

(Above, a detail crop)


The proceeds will be used to support the enormous production costs of the 3rd Edition Wonderland Book and Kirsty’s unreleased new series, which she has been painstakingly building over the past two and a half years.

(Above, photographs of the physical print)


£500 GBP/ €600 EUR/ $680 USD (excluding VAT/tax*)
*Customers in the US do not normally have to pay import taxes or duties (imports valued under $800 are duty free in the US)
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Framing can be quite overwhelming at the best of times. So in order to help, Kirsty has created a page of framing options to help collector’s envisage the work on a wall.

This can be viewed here

Note that due to the dark nature of the photograph, we strongly recommend that you light the piece with an overhead light or spotlight in order to bring out all the depth of colour and detail. (It will transform your experience of the work)


Due to the high quality of the prints, they require a slow printing time and careful handling. Therefore we recommend you order at least 4 working days in advance of needing your print. We ship globally, all further details are on the artwork purchase page .