Wonderland – ‘Wild Thing’

Wild Thing‘Wild Thing’

Sometimes, all I need is a day like this one, to remember just how beautiful the world truly is. A day like this makes losing mum bearable, because of the friends and moments I will keep in my heart forever.

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Wonderland – ‘The Foxglove Fairy’

The Foxglove Fairy‘The Foxglove Fairy’

It’s funny how sometimes you get a picture that is unlike anything you originally planned. ‘The Foxglove Fairy’ was the result of an endless string of things going wrong, with the prime culprit being Mother Nature.

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Wonderland – ‘The Fairy-Cake Godmother’ !

The Fairycake Godmother‘The Fairy-Cake Godmother’

As usual there is a rather epic tale to this picture, and once again so many emotions and exhausting weekends. For anyone who is looking at this picture for the first time, they will only see the fun and colours which is wonderful and exactly how I intend first impressions to be.

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Wonderland – ‘Spirited Away’

Spirited Away‘Spirited Away’

The snow was heavy and pure. Soft flurries blew between us as Elbie stood still, her eyes closed, oblivious to what I could see. A magical landscape stretched before us, wild and white as a blanket of distant jewels spiralled down crowning her hair and hands.

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