2nd Wonderland collaboration with amazing digital artist Archan Nair !

Earlier in the year I teamed up with the amazing digital artist Archan Nair from India to combine a select few of the Wonderland images with his incredible illustrations. The first was released back In February, and here is the 2nd!
When we very first discussed putting together a collaboration my gut instinct was for Archan to work on the Wonderland cake picture because¬† of the scope I felt it offered with all the colour and the surreal scale of the cake and model. I always had in my head an idea of how he would work with the concept, but once again his imagination has out done my expectations. Our work is completely different, but in so many ways it strangely comes together perfectly. I’m absolutely thrilled with what he has done, its completely unexpected and such a delight for me to see my work transported to another place …… (planet? !!)¬† I can’t help but laugh as its one of the most bizarre marriages of different worlds, but it feels so right. I can’t wait for the day I finally meet Archan in real life, his emails are as colourful as his work ,and he’s certainly one of the most positive people I have ever encountered, throughout what has often been a very difficult year for me. So thank you Archan, I adore what you have done, and can’t help but grin like a kid everytime I look at our new artwork!!

To read more about Archan, you can see my old blog entry for our first collaboration here (click) – and his new website here (click)