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I haven’t had much time to keep up to date with all the press that has been happening for Wonderland, but I had to sit down today and finally write as I’ve just been featured in Dolce and Gabbanna’s online style magazine ‘Swide’. I can’t believe they asked me, and I still can’t believe its happened….. but it has, and I’m so thrilled.  You can read the full interview on the link below. I’ve also had one of my pictures selected for the American edition of ‘The Printed Blog’ which is available in hard copy, and for download (see picture above), I’m still waiting for it to arrive in the post and can’t wait to see it! Lastly Wonderland was featured on the front page of the amazing ‘My Modern Met’ yesterday – its one of the biggest creative blogging networks out there, and has over 2 million readers. Its the 3rd time they have featured Wonderland now, and this time they wanted to focus on the behind the scenes photos. I’m so lucky to have their support, the team are lovely and are always so excited about anything new I’m working on…. so big thanks to them too. Finally I’ve also done an interview for the pretty massive ‘Obvious’ magazine – an online Brazilian creative bloggers site. I’ve added a translation below.

Dolce and Gabbanna’s style magazine ‘Swide’ !!!!! (CLICK) to read

‘Behind the scenes’ feature on the creative blogging site  ‘My Modern Met’ ( 2 million readers) ! (CLICK) to read

Brazilian ‘Obvious’ magazine.

Well, if anyone isn’t bored to tears of reading the same answers about Wonderland, I’m including a translation of the Brazilian article (although I have no idea if it is actually whats been written above!!!)

here you go –

1) I read that you were inspired by the stories and fairy tales that you heard when you were a kid, right? Your pictures look like they were taken from books of fairy tales! Which stories inspired you?

You were probably reading about my most recent work, which is a project I have been producing over the last 20 months called ‘Wonderland’. The series is actually dedicated to my mother who sadly passed away in 2008. She was an English teacher and read to me almost everyday for many years as a child. When she died I wanted to create a collection of extraordinarily beautiful pictures based on the memories of her tales and the imagination she gave me. My focus was to create a ‘storybook without words’, a fairytale world filled with strange unexplained characters, set in magical landscapes – a place for people to let their imagination be carried away. None of the pictures are based on exact stories or people, they are more like a blur of everything I remembered. So you may recognize elements like a girl with long ‘Rapunzel’ hair. or a princess in a lake – like the ‘tales of Camelot’. There will be landscapes in the pictures such as the giant candy canes in the woods (Wonderland 24), that may remind the viewer of Hansel and Gretel, but nothing is directly copied. I suppose this is how the mind works when it dreams – taking different pieces from other memories and then placing them together into new situations, this is the best way I can describe it. I aim to finish the project by the summer, and will then be concentrating on producing the book and the exhibition.

2) You began taking photographs since when? As a child did you already have a love for the arts?

I have only been a photographer for 3 years, my main career has always been fashion design. I have been a designer for 10 years, and before that I worked in costume for film and theatre. I’ve always been involved in art, and studied photography many years ago when I was a student. I make everything you see in my pictures, the clothes, the props, and sets I do not work with any designers or stylists People do not always realize this, which is why I write a blog about how I produce each picture. Using my different skills I create the entire scene, and then record it all with my camera. For this reason the pictures can take a very long time to produce, sometimes a whole month for one photo.  So although I have only been taking pictures for 3 years, I have always been working and studying all the other aspects involved for much longer.


3) I noticed that your photos are also strong in color and contrast. This effect creates a perception of another world is this how you add to the fantasty ?

Yes colour is very important I take it extremely seriously. A large part of Wonderland is about trying to explain to people that actually we all live in a real Wonderland . I do not invent fantasy landscapes in the computer using Photoshop; all the locations in the pictures are real. The beautiful fields of flowers, the unusual trees, the snow scenes – all of these places exist, its just that we spend too much time starring at the television instead of looking out the window.   So I try to find these colourful areas of natural phenomena, and then boost the picture to a more surreal level with the make-up and costumes. It is important to make the picture feel magical, but I also think there is an important message for us to rediscover our natural world again.

4) What are your favorite characters from the stories?

If you mean who are my favourite characters from the Wonderland series then I think my absolute favourite is ‘The storyteller’ (Wonderland number 29 and 30) The costume was incredibly hard to make, the headdress was made from over a thousand fresh flowers that were picked the night before the shoot. The dress was enormous and had hundreds of pages from old books sewn into the frills, and the chair the model sat on was also made from over a hundred antique books dating back to 1900. It was a massive effort to produce that picture and I love it dearly. If your question was regarding ‘real’ storybook characters then I have so many it is difficult to chose. I love anything that is dark folklore so maybe Baba Yaga, and also the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.


5) Do you have some other work with photos that is not inspired in tales? Or that’s your identity?

I have lots of work that isn’t inspired by fairytales. It is just the Wonderland project that is associated with them really. There are a number of different galleries on my website that involve portraiture, nudes, and street photography. Before Wonderland, I took a lot of self-portraits during my mother’s illness when I needed to escape from reality and pretend to have a different, happier life. I guess this is where the seed for Wonderland was sown – my need to create an alternative reality to the real life sadness I was dealing with. So there is often a dreamlike state in my earlier work, but Wonderland is where these ideas are pushed into far bigger productions.

So thats it for now 🙂 More should be coming soon!