“Floating Oasis in Bloom” Collaboration with artist Archan Nair (Part 1)

This post is going to be much shorter than it deserves, as its late and I’m so exhausted ………. but I had to write a few words to begin to express how happy I am about this unexpected collaboration!

It was about 2 months ago now when I woke up to an email completely out of the blue from an Indian artist called Archan Nair, asking if I would be interested in collaborating. I was half asleep eating my breakfast on a Saturday morning and quietly clicked on the link half dreading what I was going to see, only to met by this  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep ……. so as you can imagine I nearly choked to death on my toast!!!! Archan has a extremely impressive client list producing artworks for worldwide brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Tiger Beer, and Sony. This is his website (wear your sunglasses, and prepare to be amazed) – http://archann.net/

I replied after about 60 seconds of looking at his work. I absolutely fell in love with his beautiful colours and total abandonment to his dreams. I had the most ridiculous smile on my face the whole time I typed, as I felt I had just met a kindred spirit….. and its turns out I was pretty much right about that! So its now about 8 weeks later, and sadly because I am spread so thin with all the work I have to do, we agreed that as a starting point Archan would work on some of the Wonderland series, as I couldn’t stop to produce anything new separate to the project. We have plans for the future too, but for now this is the start. The other really wonderful part is that Archan is also now a member of the artists collective I joined just before Christmas (Universka). I suggested him to the founder Caterina Lo Mascolo who adored his work, and so I guess this counts as my first collaboration within the collective as well, which feels great.

So thats how it all began, I absolutely love what Archan has done with my picture, and its been such a refreshing experience to completely surrender a piece of work to another artist and see what they produce. Every time I look at the artwork I see something new, tonight I only just noticed the peacock walking of into the maze! The details are wonderful and make me laugh as well as marvel at them, there is such delight I feel like a complete child whenever I look at his work. I think its fair to say we are still getting to know each other, but the strange thing is there are an unusual number of coincidences between our lives, some good and some very sad, and I feel a very precious connection through that. Archan is probably the most upbeat, positive person I have ever encountered, and his daily emails have really boosted my self esteem when I’ve been tired or frustrated about trying to juggle this ridiculous life of mine. I honestly feel I’ve made a new friend as well as been completely inspired, so Archan if you are reading this thank you 🙂 .

There will be another 3 – 4 pieces in this mini series, which I will upload as they are finished. I’m especially excited about the next one, as its one of my favourites from the Wonderland series and I think the results are going to be absolutely insane ! Anyway it’s way, way past my bedtime now so I’m going to stop writing. I really hope you enjoy having a look through Archan’s work, and from now on I’m going to try and take a leaf out of his book, and stop complaining about how tired I am all the time. So as he would say, goodbye for now and ‘LOVE AND LIGHT’  😀 ! .. (and yes that makes me feel better every time I say it!)