Moving on…..

Just to say I’m alive…. And moving on again since I last wrote. I’m getting much better, and it seems I’m finding some balance again with my grief.  I spent Christmas creating beautiful madness…… we built the biggest prop I have ever used, as well as making costumes, researching and finally shooting 3 new character set ups for Wonderland.  It has been such hard work, but working with my lovely Elbie again has been so great. We have had the biggest freeze in 60 years and have pushed ourselves to the limit to get the best out of the snow. It has been so incredibly difficult when all forms of transport are cut off and its minus 4 outside. We’ve had sleep over’s, midnight walks…,treks through fields in knee deep snow, frustration, terrible light conditions, frozen models… models…..paint, chemical foam, glue, and gunk. I know I have been relentless in asking far too much of people., but as always it has been such a magical experience.

So Wonderland continues, and I am frantic, but steady… exhausted but so happy. It heals me…. …having Elbie sitting in my kitchen at 7am whilst we eat our breakfast, surrounded by giant spray painted flowers,  vintage kimonos, chicken wire, umbrellas made of painted twigs and glass baubles….. rolls of fabric, paint, glue and utter chaos……  It makes me feel anything is possible, and I know it is….

And so another adventure begins……. Winter Wonderland is on the way  🙂