Today was a good day ………

I know that things have sounded very sad recently, and I can’t hide it when I feel that way. This week has been one of the hardest I can remember since losing her last year. I’ve been off work and rattling around the house, trying to rest and pull myself together. I’ve ignored my phone and gone into myself like I always do, and I feel terrible because I know so many people are just trying to help, but its my answer to everything…. hide.. hide…. hide. BUT this isnt about sad things, today I just wanted to remember a good time, one of the simplest and best days I’ve had in ages. Today I went back to my favourite place …… the woods. Well, ‘new woods’ to be exact. I’ve begun researching for the new Wonderland pictures, and as always its the forests I return  to. I have no idea why I am so calmed, and so relieved when I am there,…. but standing in the broken sunlight, climbing over stumps and jumping on fallen branches…… splashing in the mud, and just closing my eyes and breathing that air….  Its like washing my face in happiness. I am me, I feel free, suddenly everything is ok again, and I can focus on new ideas, instead of all the negatives I constantly drag around in my head.
So this is just for keeps … basic snaps of magical places I found today (the tunnel above is my fav). While the rest of the world was battling through the streets Christmas shopping, I was knee deep in sludgy mud, with an enormous smile.
This felt good….. this felt real …………… this is all I need…………………..



maybe this isn’t a very cool picture to post of myself seeing as I look about 5 years old, 4ft tall, and I’m wearing kids wellies……… but never mind……….. 🙂    !!