Our first proper Wonderland feature !

‘Wonderland’ full editorial in LA magazine ‘Cliche’ !!

I’m exhausted… I literally stepped off the plane from China at 5am this morning and have been dragging myself around in my pyjamas all day. I’d switched my phone to silent so I could sleep, and forgot about it …… until late this afternoon, when I saw 15 missed calls from Elbie. I switched on my laptop, and read the first line of her email…. ‘WE ARE IN CLICHE MAGAZINE!’. I felt a bit sick and typed in the address, and there it was …….. 24 pages of ‘Wonderland’ in full colour.
For once i’m genuinely lost for words…. I suppose its because this whole project has been such an emotional journey for me…. and continuous to be, as we are still working on it. To think me and Elbie made everything out of nothing, and were just helped by friends and our partners, the pictures look ‘real’ and don’t appear amateur amongst the other shoots. If someone had sat me down and asked what my dream end result for the photos would be….. I would have answered ‘to see them as a full set, as full pages in a ‘real’ magazine – not an amateur photography one’ …… and its happened…. already…before I’ve even finished the project.
We still have more pictures and characters we want to do, and I have to finish off the pictures from the last of the summer shoots first (I probably have another 4 left now). But Im getting really excited about the winter pictures already because the woods are looking so menacing now the leaves have fallen, and the darker images are always where my heart is.
So that’s it…. I just want to say that Elbie, if you are reading this….. I’m so, so, so glad I met you 🙂 x

I’ve looked at it about a 1000 times now…. you can see the editorial for real here

What a day….what a day

(ps -i’ll catch up about my Far East trip soon)