Just needed to write this down………..

waiting for god‘Waiting For God’

Today a new friend of mine uploaded a photo on Flickr and It made me cry. It reminded me of what street photography should be about, and what It truly means to me. These stolen moments of utter despair, of raw beauty, sadness….. misery and joy…….

We must learn from these images…….understand others better. Stop and ask that person if they are alright today…. never forget the pain of others, and be thankful for what we have.

You can see the photo here – please do as he has asked and take the time to listen to the music and view the image full size (its worth it)

This was just a moment I felt I needed to write down today. The pictures in this post are from a new set of street shots i’ve been taking around London, and seemed the most appropriate for this entry…………..